Forest Township Permit Regulations

Forest Township Permit Regulations

All building construction and land alterations including sand beach blankets require a permit from Planning and Zoning, Becker County before any building can be started. Forest Township is divided into two districts-Shoreland District and the Conservation District. The Shoreland District which includes the tier of the shoreland up to 267 feet is regulated by Becker County Planning and Zoning. The Conservation District begins at 267 feet and includes all remaining land within the township boundaries. In this section, permits for building are required by both the county and the township.

The procedure to follow for obtaining a permit is to complete a permit application with Becker County Planning and Zoning. County approval is required before any construction can be started. If the structure falls beyond 267 feet from the High Water Mark, a permit is required from Forest Township. A permit form can be obtained on the Forest Township website,, under Zoning.  Your township permit must be forwarded to the township clerk along with the permit fees before any construction can begin.

Please be aware of the Township Ordinance and County Ordinance and follow the permit procedures required before any construction takes place. There are fines that will be applied if these protocols are not followed.

If you have questions, please contact Lynn Lindow, Township Supervisor, 218-573-3765.

Lynn Lindow