Music at Veronen’s July 30, 2022

Music, outside under the stars on Saturday, July 30, 2022. Veronen’s is thrilled to have Bad Medicine Company, playing some of your favorite songs. Bring your own chairs and drinks. Music starts around 7pm until 10pm. Parking is limited so car pool with your friends or come by boat. Donations accepted.

Trash Issues at Dump

Some people are leaving trash outside dumpsters and/or not closing the dumpster lids. This allows bears to spread the trash and makes a big mess, which others, mostly our township officials, have to clean up. Be responsible and put your bagged trash in the dumpsters AND securely close the lid. Thanks to Rolf Christiansen for creating new lighter wood lids with secure fasteners. Additional information can be found on Bearwise and MN DNR.

Chapel of the Good Creation July 3 through Labor Day

The Chapel of the Good Creation ecumenical service will be held July 3 through Labor Day. The service is held at Bad Medicine Resort on East Bad Medicine Lake Road beginning at 10:00am. Dress is casual. Coffee and goodies are available after the service. If you want to bring a small plate of bars, cookies, or fruit to share, no one is going to stop you!

SEE Committee

The SEE Committee, with input from lake residents, has put together an information sheet with recommendations to improve lake life for everyone.  Much of this information is put out by the MN DNR but it also includes some Bad Medicine specific information.  This sheet is also posted on the NEW BMLAA kiosk at the public landing as well as all resorts.  Please review and consider to better the experience of all Bad Medicine Lake lovers!  The SEE Committee supports all legal recreation on Bad Medicine. 

SEE Committee Info Sheet 2021

Board of Directors Meeting July 28, 2022

The next BMLAA board meeting is Thursday, July 28, 2022, at 7pm. Prior to each meeting, an email is sent to all BMLAA members with the opportunity to request a Google Meets link to the meeting. The BMLAA board of directors meet monthly during the months of April through September. 

July 2022 Draft Agenda

Fall 2021 Newsletter

Link to Fall 2021 Newsletter