Amnesty Day May 27, 2023

See Forest Township site for details.

Annual Meeting June 24, 2023

The BMLAA annual meeting will be held June 24th at 9:00am at the Forest township hall. All are welcome. Coffee and donuts will be served 8:30am.

Chapel of the Good Creation

The Chapel of the Good Creation at Bad Medicine Resort will hold services starting on Memorial Day weekend, Sunday May 28th, at 10am. There will be social time following the non-denominational service. Everyone is welcome!

Board of Directors Meetings

The BMLAA board of directors meet monthly during the months of April through September. Prior to each meeting, an email is sent to all BMLAA members with the opportunity to request a Google Meets link to the meeting. Upcoming meeting dates:

  • July 27, 2023
  • August 24, 2023
  • September 21, 2023

Fall 2022 BMLAA Newsletter

There were not enough submissions to publish a Fall newsletter. Below are the articles that were submitted.

Responsible Shore-Land Lighting

The North Country Trail around Bad Medicine Lake

NCT Map near Bad Medicine Lake

Canoeing into Autumn

Canoe Pic

SCUBA Diving in Bad Medicine Lake

SCUBA Pic 2019

SCUBA Pic 2022

BMLAA Newsletter Mission:

The mission of the BMLAA newsletter is to provide lake area residents with information to build community. It is intended to present current lake issues and events in a non-controversial and positive format.  Any submissions must fit the above criteria to be considered.     

Trash Issues at Dump

Some people are leaving trash outside dumpsters and/or not closing the dumpster lids. This allows bears to spread the trash and makes a big mess, which others, mostly our township officials, have to clean up. Be responsible and put your bagged trash in the dumpsters AND securely close the lid. Thanks to Rolf Christiansen for creating new lighter wood lids with secure fasteners. Additional information can be found on Bearwise and MN DNR.

Link to Fall 2021 Newsletter