Fall 2021 Newsletter

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Fall Ditch Cleanup Oct 9, 2021

Thanks to the volunteers who braved the weather to help with our semiannual road cleanup. Turn out was not as good as we had in the spring, but we still were able to nearly finish the 5 1/2 miles of road that the Lake Association and Foundation are responsible for on Becker County Hwy 37. We collected more than 10 bags of garbage, a tire and a few other odds and ends. Please remind friends and family to help us keep the area beautiful by emptying boats, trailers and pickup trucks of any trash that can fly out. And, please don’t throw trash out your windows.

Water Quality Study Update

Professor Richard Koch of Bemidji State University hosted a Zoom presentation on the current status of the Bad Medicine Lake water quality study on Saturday, September 25, 2021.  

Link to Richard Koch’s Presentation

Board of Directors Meeting

The Board of Directors meet monthly during the months of April through September.  A zoom link will be emailed to BMLAA members 7-10 days prior to the meeting.

2021 Annual Meeting

DRAFT Annual Meeting Minutes

2021 BMLAA Bylaws Amended and Approved

SEE Committee

The SEE Committee, with input from lake residents, has put together an information sheet with recommendations to improve lake life for everyone.  Much of this information is put out by the MN DNR but it also includes some Bad Medicine specific information.  This sheet is also posted on the NEW BMLAA kiosk at the public landing as well as all resorts.  Please review and consider to better the experience of all Bad Medicine Lake lovers!  The SEE Committee supports all legal recreation on Bad Medicine. 

SEE Committee Info Sheet 2021

Bear Activity

There have been numerous bear sightings and contacts around the lake recently.  Please remember to close the lids on the dumpsters at the dump!  Helpful information can be found on Bearwise and MN DNR.

Volunteers Needed for BMLAA Newsletter Committee

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Amnesty Days

Check Forest Township website for details.