2020 Annual Report

Due to COVID-19, the BMLAA board of directors has issued an annual report in lieu of conducting an annual meeting. 

2020 Annual Report

Slalom Course Committee

Final Proposal from Slalom Course Committee

Slalom Course Map

Ski Course Locations Considered – August 5, 2020

Interim Report – August 5, 2020

Message from Slalom Course Committee – July 27, 2020

Bad Medicine Lake resident, Curt Halbakken, has volunteered to chair an independent committee that will seek to engage all BML residents in a cooperative, problem-solving venture in the coming weeks.  Within the next few days, Curt will be contacting all lake residents by email to explain the process and how your participation can lead to a solution of the water ski slalom course issue that all Bad Medicine Lakers can feel good about.  

The board agreed unanimously to accept Curt’s generous offer, feeling it provides a more comprehensive venue than a Special Meeting for the full sharing of all residents’ independent thoughts and ideas. The board is most interested in resolving this in a manner that will provide all BML residents an opportunity to share personally in finding a constructive solution to the slalom course placement issue.  

The committee expects to complete its process and have conclusions ready for the September 11th meeting of the board. 

Scott Bentson

BMLAA President

Board of Directors Meeting

The Board of Directors meet monthly during the months of April through September. 

Upcoming Meeting Dates:

  • September 11, 2020 


2020 BMLAA Annual Membership Form

Amnesty Day

Next Amnesty Day is August 29, 2020.