Bad Medicine Private Social Network

Nextdoor for Bad Medicine Lake

by Linda Bentson

Our Nextdoor network for the Bad Medicine area is a private and free online neighborhood which alerts members by email when new information is posted.  No information is shared with advertisers or anyone outside of our Bad Medicine group.

It’s a great way to STAY INFORMED:

  • There’s a bear in the area
  • A tree is blocking the road
  • We found (or lost) a dog
  • There has been a break-in

It’s a way to get INFORMATION FROM other members:

  • Any recommendations on who can install my dock?
  • Can anyone let my dog out at 3:00 on Saturday?
  • Who’s a good electrician in the area?

It’s a great way to get INFORMATION TO other members:

  • 2010 20ft pontoon for sale.
  • Found a red kayak floating at the south end of the lake.
  • Too much zucchini, anyone want some?

If you would like to join our online neighborhood, go to, enter your lake address and email address and you will be directed to Nextdoor for Bad Medicine Lake.

If you have questions or would like help getting started, please call or email:

Linda Bentson  (218) 684-1234