Forest Township News

Forest Township News

Spring 2018 Township News

By Barb Christianson

Winter is over and another summer is upon us.  As the weather improves and more residents return, there will be more people on our roads so please drive carefully.  Our township is busy with amnesty day and road work.  The weeds aren’t too bad yet since it has been dry but that will change.

This year’s road tour, the town board has decided to apply gravel on most of the maintained roads in the township.  When this gravel is being applied, the roads may be soft, making it difficult to maneuver, so please drive slowly.  We are also working on creating road policies so there are procedures in place on how best to maintain the roads.

The township will continue to spray to control the weed population. In the past, spot spraying was completed and this will be done again this spring and in the fall.

The board will be purchasing a new large dumpster this summer. The goal is to retire all the older dumpsters.  The older dumpsters may be sold when they are no longer needed and if you are interested in purchasing one, please contact one of the township supervisors.   Unfortunately, there continues to be some illegal dumping. There are cameras at the dump and the town board continues to fine individuals that put non-household garbage into the dumpsters.  If you aren’t sure what can be put in the dumpsters, take a minute and read the sign on the gate or you may be fined $250.  Please hold your demolition materials, appliances, tools, etc. for the amnesty dates.  The next amnesty date is Aug. 25th.  Please RECYCLE!  The township receives money for the recycled materials and it saves on the cost of our trash.  Last year the township received $2,162 for our recycling materials.

Perhaps you have been wondering why construction of the cell tower has not begun.  News is that the tower will not be built.  We are not aware of any future plans for a cell tower in Forest Township.

Finally, remember to follow the appropriate procedures if you are planning any building projects. All buildings require a permit and compliance with the Becker County ordinance so your initial stop is with Becker County Planning and Zoning. If your building falls more than 267 feet from the lakeshore, then you must obtain a permit from Forest Township as well. Forms are available on the Forest Township website.

Hope you have a fun and safe summer season.

Forest Township Board Members