Becker County Coalition of Lake Associations (Becker County COLA)

Howe Anderson

Our Bad Medicine Lake Area Association is one of several dozen Lake Associations in Becker County. In order to protect our lakes, and have our voices heard on issue that confront us as lakeshore owners and residents, we join with the other lake associations. In matters of County, State or Federal government actions and policies. Becker County COLA gives us a much stronger voice in calling for protection of our most precious resource in the county, our lakes. Its primary purpose is to “facilitate cooperation among member Lake Associations, to protect and enhance the quality of lakes and their shore areas.” COLA is in close touch with staff people who deal with important issues like Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS), lakeshore issues, political decisions which impact lakes and education of the public about water quality issues. Becker County COLA sponsors or co-sponsors educational events such as the recently held AIS Summit in Detroit Lakes and the earlier AIS Summit held in St. Paul, with top experts from all over the state and even the world sharing the latest research in our battle with the spread of aquatic invasive species.

We rely on COLA to magnify our voices in defense of our lake, and COLA relies upon BMLAA and our Foundation to forge new strategies in shoreline acquisition and preservation and in areas like our water quality research with Bemidji State University. Each Lake Association is asked to send one representative to serve on the COLA board. COLA meets each month from May to October where speakers share important information, the various lakes compare notes and strategies and COLA finds out where its member Lake Associations priorities lie. These meetings are open to the public and are fun and informative. Please consider attending and become more active in our Lake Association.

Upcoming COLA meetings, are held the third Thursday of the month from May to October, at 5:30, at the Detroit Lakes Holiday Inn. These dates are:

July 19

August 16

September 20

October 18

Use the link to access an interesting report financed by COLA about lake quality in Becker County and steps needed to protect the lakes.  2012 Becker County Lake Protection Report