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Al Nielsen & Randy Johnson

For the two of us there is nothing more exciting than to see that line come off of the down riggers when our Grandchildren are in the boat.  Seeing the trout jump out of the water and make a couple of runs and see and hear the squeals of happiness and big smiles from our Grandchildren is “priceless”.  We have fished together for Rainbow Trout since the mid 80’s and for the most part have always used the down rigger system and so what we are reporting is how we have been doing this summer.  For those trout fisherman using long lines, planer boards, and doing bobber fishing, their story may be different for this year.

For the summer of 2017 we would call the fishing “spotty”, because compared to years past, the fishing was less consistent. Usually June is the best month for catching a number of small trout after the lake has been stocked in mid-May, but this year it seemed slower than normal.  We did catch a few of the bigger fish (16-24 inch) and we heard from a number of other fisherman that they were catching fish in this range also.

July started out hot with good numbers being caught and as the month wore on the fishing became spotty again.

August continues to be more challenging as the thermocline becomes deeper and the trout are less active and seem less interested in becoming part of our dinner menu.

As most of you know or have experienced, the Walleye fishing is not where we would like it to be and we think the Bass and Northern Pike fishing has created a good diversion for other fishing activities.

We could probably all agree that any day of fishing on this beautiful lake
named Bad Medicine Lake is always a lot of fun and a “Blessing”.

Happy Fishing