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2019 BMLAA Annual Meeting at Forest Town Hall

Saturday, June 22nd
Registration and coffee at 8:30
Annual Meeting starts at 9:00
Light Lunch to follow

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President’s Letter

At the upcoming Annual Meeting of The Bad Medicine Lake Area Association on June 23rd, the membership will decide on proposed changes to the Association’s bylaws recommended by the Board of Directors.  The bylaws outline the purpose and basic structure of the Association as well as the rules under which it operates.  The 2018 proposal, if approved, will amend the current bylaws that were last revised in 2011.

So, to prepare for the vote on the proposed changes I refer all members to the current 2011 Association bylaws and also to the 2018 proposed amended version, both of which can be viewed on the BMLAA website (http://badmedicine.mnlakesandrivers.org).

Summary of proposed amendments to current BMLAA bylaws:

  1. In general: An effort was made to adjust language and format to favor consistency and clarity throughout the document. Among other changes, this includes deleting the word “corporation” wherever it occurs and replacing it with “association” as BMLAA is not currently a legal corporation.
  2. Art II.1, Member Qualifications: Specifies property ownership in Forest Township and family members over the age of 18.  Others may become members with Board approval and payment of dues.
  3. Art II.2, Dues: Replaces “increases” with changein annual dues.
  4. Art IV.1, Annual Meeting: Notice will be given by email.  Notice by regular mail may be requested.  Only members whose dues are paid for the current fiscal year are permitted to vote at the Annual Meeting.
  5. Art IV.2, Special Meetings: Special Meetings may only be called during the months of May, June, July and August.  Notice shall be given within 10 days after a Special Meeting is called in the same manner as for an Annual Meeting.  Only members whose dues are paid for the current fiscal year are permitted to vote at a Special Meeting.
  6. Art V.1, Number: The Board of Directors will be reduced from 10 to 9 members.
  7. Art V.2, Nominating Committee: a) The nominating committee shall consist of two Directors and two volunteer  b) The requirement to have at least one more nominee than the number of open Director positions is deleted.
  8. Art V.4, Terms of Directors: Three Directors will be elected each year for three year terms.
  9. Art VI.3, President:“Corporation” is replaced by “voluntary association.”
  10. Art VI.5, Secretary: Delete the word “complete.”
  11. Art VIII.1, Inspection: Members may inspect records of the Association by making a verbal or written request to any officer of the Board of Directors.  The phrase “at all times during reasonable business hours” is deleted.
  12. Art VIII.2, Annual Review: Volunteer committee of members to review the transactions and the financial condition of the Association with a report to the membership at the Annual Meeting.
  13. Art X: Dissolution of the Association:Remaining funds will be distributed to one or more non-profit 501(c)3 organizations judged to have missions compatible with the BMLAA by majority vote of the Board of Directors.

There will be a brief explanation of the proposed changes at the Annual Meeting and an opportunity for discussion before voting.  The proposed bylaws will become effective immediately upon approval by the membership.

Our featured speaker will be Dr. Rick Koch from Bemidji State University who is leading the three-year lake study at Bad Medicine.  He will update us with findings from the first year and outline directions for further research in years two and three.

I look forward to seeing you at the BMLAA Annual Meeting on June 23, 2018 at 9:00am in the Forest Township Town Hall.  Come early for coffee and stay late for a light lunch.

Scott Bentson

BMLAA President