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Annual Meeting

Sat  June 23rd for  2018
Social Time 8:30
Meeting 9:00
Light Lunch to follow

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Courtesy and Respect for our Bad Medicine Lake Neighbors and Friends

These are a few of the issues that came to the board’s attention this summer.  We thought the subjects were worth mentioning in the newsletter.

Drive cautiously on the roads around our lakes.  Watch and slow down for walkers and runners, children and pets. Cars and trucks travelling on dirt roads throw up dust and rocks that could injure a pedestrian or a pet.

Remember to stay at least 150 feet from structures in the lake (docks, rafts…) when boating, skiing, and using personal watercraft.

In Minnesota fireworks used by individuals without a permit cannot be explosive or leave the ground.  If fireworks of any kind leave the ground they are illegal.

Review the Snowmobilers Code of Ethics found in the DNR Snowmobile Safety Manual.  Remember to stay on marked trails and respect hikers, skiers, snowshoers and other winter sports enthusiast.  Stay safe!

Keep safety first and foremost when discharging firearms.  Give your neighbor a call to alert them if you are going to be shooting near their property